Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Naked Face

I am relatively new to the blogging world, therefore am still trying to figure out how to place this on the top of my blog...until then, here it is :)

The Naked Face Project

Today marks the last day of my beauty products...for 60 days at least. I bid farewell to my lipstick, hair straightener, my lifesaver NARS multiple, the "mommy dark line eraser" SmashBox photo op...yes, even my mascara. My go-to, spend 5 minutes at least, 15 year relationship with mascara.
All day the questions ran. Why are you doing this? Really no shaving? Maybe just a teeny tiny bit of mascara, just on the ends. But the more I thought of those questions, the more I thought of my daughter. I looked at her beautiful chubby cheeks, her long eyelashes. Then I thought what if she decided to take a pencil and draw a small lines across her eye lids, like we do every morning. What if she layed lipstick on those perfect pink little lips, blush to replace her natural color. I hated that thought. From there, my thoughts ran. (yes, I spend a lot of time with kiddos and therefore by myself :) )

I'm taking on Molly Barker and Caitlyn Boyles challenge--60 days no makeup, no primping, no shaving. Each have their own reasons and I have mine.

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Here We Go!

Today marks the first "official" day of the Naked Face challenge. My husband and I had a meeting first thing this morning--we were both to look professional. It was odd thing not putting any make up on or doing the usual straightener/gel ordeal. I was a little concerned that someone would believe that I am not taking things seriously. But why? Do I really believe that I would be judged because I chose not to make my lips a different color or make my lashes stick out unnaturally? Maybe, but perhaps it is more in my head. As I looked around the building, there were lots of people without make up on. I didn't look at them any differently. But, I'd have to say this was my first real test and believe it or not, it wasn't that bad.

So I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night--blog post after blog post was running through my head. But brevity is the sole of wit, so I'll end it here. But each blog post I'd like to finish highlighting a women in my life, who I believe is beautiful.

The first is my mother. Where do you start? You spend so many years developing a relationship, trying to figure things out but I don't think it is fully understood what a parent does until you become one yourself. If I had to describe my mother, it would be a Renaissance woman. This lady knows everything--she really does. She has read every book in our library and if she hasn't yet read it, you can better believe it is on hold so she will get to it when it is available. She is one of those women who just takes care of you--she made sure we had great clothes for school, homemade bread, cookies, pizza (to name a few) every week. I can't think of a person I'd rather shop with and she is a killer partner in Trivial Pursuit.
My mother and I are a lot alike. Quick witted, extroverted, a leader, and a sharp tongue. Obviously this has caused some clashes but when it comes down to it, she is the person I turn to first. She is not as outspoken like others in our family but she is firm with what she believes. She might not be the person to raise their hand to lead the prayer, but you know that Christ is in her heart just by how she lives her life. She is an amazing confident, mother, cook, fashionista, and treats my children with all the love in her heart.

Day 3...Out Naked!!

This year Indianapolis was host to the Super Bowl. Along with about 250k of my closest friends, i was not going to miss out on anything. The week before it was the usual pre-game... Hair straightener, bronzer, blush, mascara (X's 2) and lipstick. An hour later I'm ready to find my shoes. This week I went the face at least. :)
This was the first test, and it was a good one. It was strange, going out make up free. I felt like I had to tell everyone I talked to what I was doing. Sure, I'm proud of this challenge but truth be told it was a defense mechanism. By the end of the night I was proud... Here this girl who for 14 years couldn't look someone in the face without mascara was "out on the town" with a naked face.

Beautiful Woman in my life time: my mother in law. If I had to describe her in one word it would be saint. How many woman do you know who is the first to help someone in medical situations, will befriend an elderly woman and take her to her weekly doctor appointments, and on top of that has absolutely no problem standing up in front of a packed tour bus and give directions. This past winter she and I took a bus trip to Chicago to do some Christmas shopping. The bus driver was having issues with his I-pass on the toll roads--so my mother in law, Vicky Fiorenza got out of the bus, in the middle of busy Chicago traffic and fixed it. Then when the driver had issues with parking on one of the busy side roads, she went and set a stubborn driver straight...little did she know it was a police officer. :) I believe this woman could do anything, granted she has her nonfat, extra hot, mocha with whipped cream in her hand. I feel truly blessed to be a part of the Fiorenza family.


Why has been floating around in my head for awhile--why am I doing this? Am I trying to prove something? A lot of people have said to me, "there is nothing wrong with makeup, it makes me feel good to pull myself together."

Me too. I love make up. I love how I can pretend to be an artist, with the different colors and options. I can be anyone that I want to be depending on my mood. It's fun, it can be sexy, and make me feel like I stand out.

But that's not the point. The point is (for me at least) is the feeling of letting go. I have been dealing with some of the same issues for so many years now yet have been approaching them in the same way year after year. That's just silly and the issues weren't being dealt with. So what happens if you take away the beloved, trusty mascara. You know the scary answer? I like it. I love the freedom of no makeup. I love that this is my face, I love the extra time, the feel of just being clean, fresh and me. It is so strangely liberating.

I've heard from a lot of people--well, I've never worn makeup so this is easy for me. Again, not the point. The point is taking yourself out of your comfort circle. Maybe your comfort circle is makeup, maybe it's texting rather than face to face or calling. Comfort circles come in many different forms. You may have never worn a stitch of makeup in your life however the thought of picking up the phone and calling someone picks up your pulse a little. Or perhaps telling a friend how you really feel sends you running for cover. The point is doing the thing that you think would be so hard to do. For me it was looking someone in the eye without having any make up on.

Take it from me--when you finally face one of those insecurities head on it's an incredible accomplishment.

Okay, I've been concluding my blogs with a woman I think is beautiful. This time I would like to talk about my sister Alyson. Smart, organized, super Aunt, runner, biker, "green" renegade, artist, friend that anyone would love to have...the list goes on. She has been a force in my life and someone that I have looked up to, tried to emulate for 30 years now. This girl was with me when I finished my first half marathon, the reason I got through calculus and the person who can make me smile (and laugh uncontrollably in the most uncomfortable times).

Until next time!